Perpetual Projecting

Perpetual Projecting is the brainchild of Chris and Nicole, a couple residing in Cincinnati, OH, and operating multiple fitness businesses in the midwest. ‘Projecting’ is climbing term meaning exactly what you might think, working a route into submission. ‘Perpetual’ hints at our damn near masochistic pursuit of problems to solve. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure what Perpetual Projecting will look like in five years, which is the charm that drives us to investigate. You’re likely to see a lot of home remodeling, commercial design, business tips, and we might even throw in some more personal content relating to fitness, food, fashion, and lifestyle. This is a space where we hope to be a bit more open, a bit more vulnerable, a bit more true, and a bit more selfish. We want to explore without the constraints of a service industry setting.



I’m an engineer by schooling, a fitness industry professional by trade, and a gallivanting creationist in my dreams. I grew up riding horses and avoiding the classroom, copying the answers from by solutions books to pass my mom’s inspection. I somehow scraped my way into a decent school, took scholarship money from a much more deserving candidate, and graduated with a degree I had no intention of using. I followed the advice of those much more savvy than I and went to graduate school, determined to become the crown jewel of my family by pursuing an M.D.. After six years of hating (nearly) every moment of the career chase, I grabbed my M.S. diploma and ran for the hills, er, the rocks, with a boy who didn’t know what he was in for. We spent many, many, frigid, hungry nights beside my Honda Civic in a tent that was barely functional. I was in heaven. We got married the next year, and moved to SoCal. We lucked out with a great realtor and a housing market on the cusp of explosive growth. We quickly grew tired of the coastal lifestyle, and flipped the house for a nice little profit. Yours truly wanted to take the money and once again run for the hills, er, rocks, but my better half talked me out of it and into co-founding a business in Lexington, Kentucky. Here we are a few years later, with a wonderful, flourishing climbing community, an expanding business (location 2.0 opening in Cincinnati), and remodeling nightmare homes on the side.





I believe in working hard to learn as much as I can about each new task that comes across my desk. I’ve spent time programming, writing, managing, creating climbing, selling climbing, creating media, and designing spaces. My passion is to follow the flow of life; to find the moments where you can push yourself into a new experience and transform how you view the world. Most recently, I’ve pursued improved skills in the creation of digital media with a special focus on video content.

I’m a lifelong adventurer, starting with an early introduction to the outdoors by my scouting alumni of a father. He imbued in me a desire to explore the world through the continued pursuit of knowledge. Some of my earliest memories involve dropping a hammer on my toe while he made furniture for my mother (she loved the hutch, but was not pleased about the toe,) breaking a VCR by trying to understand how it worked, and asking why he had a book about carving ice. The simple answer to that question stuck with me my whole life, he simply didn’t have anyone to teach him.

My real adventure started after I met Nicole. Everything up to that point was interesting in its own way, but having the opportunity to share the journey with someone even more passionate was life changing. The pace of change and rapid development of our projects is awe inspiring to look back on.