My Summer Happiness Confetti Salad is nothing special, has no redeeming qualities, is comprised of cheap, low-nutritional value vegetables… but it’s so pretty and fresh and crunchy and I crave it from time-to-time. I can eat endless bowls of the stuff (because there is basically nothing filling in it) and prefer it drenched in Italian dressing a-la Olive Garden.

You can add anything to it, and what goes in typically depends on what’s in the fridge, but it has to start with iceberg lettuce. Get fancy with some slivered almonds, pepperoncinis, olives, and hard boiled eggs or chicken, or go sweet and simple stopping at parsley, cucumber, and green bell pepper.

Really, I just loved the light in the corner of the kitchen when I made this last and decided to document it. Now hand me the mixing bowl and let me get started.

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