Just a quick drop-in tonight. We returned this evening from our rapid turnaround business trip to Atlanta. I haven’t been able to sleep all week, and travel only aggravates the issue. I’m hoping I can kick the curse with my arsenal of sleep aids. It gets so bad that you feel legitimately sick, and you’re just crying at night wishing your mind would shut off and let you sleep. Insomnia is rough!

Everyone always gets so excited about the Nordstrom sale, but I for one never find it to be all that impressive. There are a couple of things I would consider picking up, like the Paula’s Choice exfoliator that I use multiple times weekly. While I was making my list, I figured I’d include a couple of fall items that aren’t necessarily on sale. I’m not a person who really enjoys shopping for winter clothes, and I don’t stray outside of my jeans, sweater, coat combo. I want to invest in a pair of black boots and a black coat, but otherwise I’m considering a shopping hiatus over the winter. I have a few projects that could really use the attention and I’m curious about the impact of breaking away from the world of over-consumption for a few months.

All we have planned for this weekend are house projects, work projects, meal prep, and some travel planning. We’re looking to run up to Chicago both for business research and to browse a few homegoods stores in anticipation of moving. Maybe we’ll even get to spend a night or two on lake Michigan!

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