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Slowly but surely, I’ve been attempting to cut back on low-value media. I’m tired of click-bait headlines, gossip articles, and worthless ‘business’ sites. I comb through my social media channels weekly to eliminate purveyors of junk information. Every time we go on a trip and I’m whisked away from the internet for a period of time, I realize how little I need it and how little I actually enjoy it, although I feel compelled to use it when I have access to it. I love that I’ve dug into this cooking hobby because now I spend days playing in the kitchen instead of sitting in front of a screen hankering for new pictures to scroll through.

I’m in the middle of a purge at the moment, ‘unliking’ pages that don’t serve me well and unsubscribing from junk email. I don’t have anything against consuming high quality content, and I’m on the hunt for a science-article-aggregator newsletter. I like those types of things, plus they make for interesting conversation starters.

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