What a funny week. Every day I woke up asking myself what day it was and racking my brain to remember what was on the agenda for the day. We have some business travel coming up next week, so it’s been all about getting ahead. Our house project is slowly coming to a close, with refinishing the concrete being the bottleneck at the moment. I’m anxious to get back up to Cincinnati to check out the latest progress. Fingers crossed we can move on to trim and finish work soon!


  1. Making travel plans for next week. Heading down to Atlanta for business. It’s not a city I have a whole lot of interest in spending time in, but given the lengthy drive we might as well find something worthwhile to explore. Our plan is to drive down a day prior to our engagement to putz around, maybe do a bit of shopping for the house, and otherwise enjoy each other’s company. It’s going to be a scorcher!
  2. We’re wrapping up finishing touches on the exterior of our home in Lexington. We had a ton of gravel delivered Monday, but with all of the rain and the extreme heat index, we’ve been pacing ourselves with spreading it. Really, the last thing to tick off the list on the home exterior is painting our front and rear porches. She’s in reasonable shape otherwise.
  3. The rest of my list consists of boring work and house stuff. Our summers tend to be pretty mundane! The fall should bring lots of bustling.

In the mean time, here are a few interests of the week…

  1. One of the most beautiful commercial projects I’ve seen in a long time.
  2. Another basic cookbook, all about working with vegetables.
  3. I don’t cook my eggs in butter, and I refuse to use non-stick skillets. My trick is adding some nut fat in the form of vegan yogurt, and letting the eggs sit post seasoning for 10min prior to cooking. I cook slowly at low heat and disturb the eggs as minimally as possible.
  4. It’s no surprise most of us dream of living on the west coast. Better food, better weather, more outdoor opportunity… I dream of retiring out there. The midwest will always feel like home, but I do often wish we had more ample food resources.
  5. I am ALWAYS gung-ho to try vegan cheeses. Almost ordered from here the other day. I’m sure I’ll pull the trigger at some point.

I leave you with some kitchen pretties at the top of my wishlist!

thimble cups || glass bowls || berry baskets || cake stand || pot holders

wood bowls || towels || cutting boards  || spoons || plates

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