I think I’ve said this somewhere already, but I love our Saturday tradition of dressing up to go grocery shopping. I feel so euro putting on a skirt or dress (I forego any makeup), grabbing my straw tote, and parking far enough away from the market that we get a nice little walk in, taking in our surroundings and admiring downtown Lexington’s beauty. The dress featured above is the perfect summer shade and silhouette, a piece you can throw on and live in all day all the while appearing as if you made a concerted effort.

We have an ass-ton of gravel being delivered today, so wish us luck. I’m tired of pulling weeds all along the length of the house and the fence. Crossing my fingers laying gravel will help with both drainage and weed mitigation. One of these days we will get around to finishing painting the exterior of our house as well as trimming some very large trees that scrape our roof during thunder storms.

I leave you with links for my look, as well as some inspiring resources below:

  1. Read: this article has some good reminders. Doing the most important task of the day first is a game changer. I struggle badly with anxiety, and leaving things undone for longer than is absolutely necessary kills me. I want to get the hard thing, the unpleasant thing out of the way and go from there.
  2. Sleep: Anyone else out there a chronic insomniac? Restless legs runs in the family as does a restless mind. I started taking a magnesium supplement after reading that it can help with muscle pain. I’m no doctor, and it could all be in my head, but I’m seeing improvements. Trying this next following the discovery that magnesium is best absorbed topically. Who woulda thunk. I advise anyone (except me) to consult with their doc before ingesting any kind of supplement.
  3. Home: Lonny Mag is a new follow for me, and I recently came across this round-up of brands that give back. Beyond feeding my shopping addiction, I actually did see a few essential pieces I plan to pick up for the new place. If it ever gets finished.
  4. Health: I create a weekly workout each month so that I’m consistently engaged but not spending an inordinate amount of time learning a new workout daily. I love to follow Alexia Clark for both inspiration and motivation.

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