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When do I not have some kind of new project on my mind? Whether it’s baking the perfect loaf, trying to figure out what a rutabaga is and what to do with it, remodeling a bathroom, planning a trip, or kicking off a new staff program, I head into every weekend with something new to research or tackle. I’m going to give a little update on what’s on my mind, what’s caught my attention, and what tools I’m using to get me where I’m going.

We’ve been ‘planning a vacation’ for months now, and by ‘planning a vacation’ I mean randomly picking dates and destinations and putting them into AirBnB or Google Flights and cringing at all the dollar signs before promptly closing the browser window. The expense alone inspires such fear of screwing up and blowing all of our money on the worst trip ever that I stop before I start. It’s a terrible habit and the primary reason behind our sad lack of travel in spite of a sincere desire, ability, and yearning to get away.

The only time I seem to commit is when someone else is counting on me to do so. We’ve taken some truly life-altering trips with my dad, trips that I’ll never forget and that cause my eyes to well up when I think back on them. I don’t know how I could possibly live up to those moments, how I could possibly plan a getaway where memories like those had the opportunity to manifest. I also let myself worry about all of the things I won’t be able to accomplish while we’re out, like staying fit, keeping up with work, communicating with staff, dealing with issues.

By God, I need to change it though. We work hard, we’re smart with our money, we say no to other things, all so that we can TRAVEL and EXPERIENCE more. I have been trying and I have grown as a result of my efforts (she says to herself). There was a period of time when I wouldn’t let us spend money on any entertainment whatsoever because I was afraid we ‘wouldn’t get our money’s worth’. Now when we eat a crappy dinner or visit an absurd museum or visit a city on a Sunday when everything is closed, I can breathe a bit and embrace the joy in merely opening myself up to experience. That’s progress for me, a person who used to beat herself up for ordering the wrong dish, but would rather walk away hungry and empty handed than try something else.

All of this to say that my list and interest at the moment center around vacation, specifically a beach vacation. Chris and I have been married 7 years and have never visited a beach by ourselves. Although we’re probably not going by ourselves this time either. My elderly grandmother is living alone for the first time ever following my grandfather’s passing at the beginning of the year. I would really love to take her away for a few days and let her enjoy the sunshine on her skin and the ocean breeze.

My list

  1. Nail down dates and location for our beach trip. Goop has a a mini roundup of some east coast beaches, but not sure we can afford any of these locales. I’m thinking Florida, Alabama, or South Carolina.
  2. Do some investigation on content scheduling tools both for work and for this little baby site. Any suggestions? Came across this article with a few resources. We’re pushing out new content multiple times per day on multiple platforms, and it’s getting to a point where a content scheduler could save a lot of time and mistakes.
  3. Probably about time to order fixtures for our Cincinnati project. Looking forward to that.
  4. I’d love to visit a few used bookstores and find unique recipe inspiration for the site.
  5. Hoping I can get a few new posts written and scheduled. Eventually, I want to be working one month ahead.
  6. Lots of work catch-up. I need to finish a book I’ve been stalling on, start up a new one, and evaluate needs and meetings for the following week.
  7. Eating and grocery shopping, of course! Date night at a new restaurant hopefully. I keep wanting to get up to Findlay Market in Cincinnati too, but I’m so loyal to ours in Lexington!
  8. Chris ordered a few kitchen tools for me which I’m excited to try out. I’ve got a loaf of bread on the agenda, my weekly flatbread prep and flax cracker baking, and I’m retesting a(nother) cherry dessert.
  9. Tons of gardening work. I skipped last week which I’ve to come to regret…
  10. House chores and projects. We’re remodeling our final bathroom, and we have innumerable trim-work projects to finish. And some exterior painting. And some flooring to install. No big, right?

My interests… a beach packing list!

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