I’m trying not to fall prey to the round-up BS that you see plastered all over the internet. Most of the time those posts come across as lazy link vomit. When done well, however, I do appreciate a share of a good find and rely on some of these links to steer me in the direction of new brands to discover or engaging articles to read. My goal for Monday Perks will be to create a highly curated selection of shares. I won’t include garbage to achieve a perfectly round number. Think of it as a little treat at the end of your Monday, a reward for starting the week.

Summer Reading
I don’t do quick, beach reads. I just don’t care for the style. I love getting into a great business book or nutrition read, something that begs you to have a pen and paper near by to jot down notes. This book was featured on Business Insider and peaked my interest. I’m a tinkerer, someone who enjoys doing many things at once and iterating endlessly, but the sheer number of projects I take on at any given time can be overwhelming and suffocating. I’ve also hinted that I began practicing intermittent fasting not too long ago, and I’d like to learn more on the topic. I subsequently recently added this book to my cart.

I’m honestly a pretty newbie chef. I’m adventurous and have a strong stomach, so there isn’t much I shy away from, but I rarely have any idea what I’m doing. I’d like to start from the beginning and gain a solid foundation in the basic science of cooking, mixing flavors, meat preparation, food pairings, bread baking, etc.. I’m looking into this to separate my bran to see what kind of difference it can make in my loaves, and I’m considering this to solidify my cooking foundation. Wish me luck.

A friend recently asked for a beginner yoga resource recommendation. While I’ve watched and tried hundreds of yoga videos on youtube, I always come back to Five Parks Yoga when I’m looking for quick and reliable. If you’re seeking something that’ll knock you on your ass, I like Yoga with Tim. I let myself get out of my yoga habit, and I should really rectify that.

I work a full-time job in my spare time (ha), and I’ve been talking to our staff a lot about managing tasks, time, and stress. I’m planning on showing them this article, which proposes a slight adaptation over a traditional to-do list. Sometimes priorities get lost in translation, so I’m going to suggest they begin asking themselves, “What would happen if I didn’t do this immediately?” I’m curious to observe the result when they prioritize following such an examination instead of, “What does Nicole want me to do first?” or simply doing the easy things first to gain momentum, a major mistake of young managers.

Eye Candy
Finally, a piece of eye candy to reward you for getting through Monday. This pendant (the cover photo) is sweet.

Now kick ass this week!

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