March brought about a bit of travel and a lot of wanderlust. It’s disappointing how infrequently I go through the trouble of dressing myself like a businesswoman. The bar is so low in our industry that having showered in the last three days is above the gold standard. I throw on a pair of Patagonia hiking pants (of which I now own 10 pairs thanks to a massive sale), one of our gym-branded t-shirts, some tennis shoes, and I’m out the door. I have no reason to put on pretty clothes and it’s freezing out so I don’t want to anyway. But now that spring is closing in, I’m envisioning mornings at the farmer’s market, exploring more of Cincinnati, and weekend trips to neighboring cities. Getting out of my routine is such a welcome refresher and something I’d like to do more often.

I didn’t purchase much in terms of quantity, but the items weren’t cheap. I can think of dozens of ways to wear this bright, fun skirt, and it makes me feel very french when I put it on. The dress is a classic as are the shoes, and man did I need a pair of easy, every day sandals.

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The Gul Hurgel dress is completely sold out. This isn’t even the same print as the one I bought, but I couldn’t find a photo of it anywhere. The skirt is Weekend Max Mara, and the sandals are Ancient Greek. I scored everything at a steep discount, thankfully.

I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing another pair of sandals in April, as well as some denim and a top or two.

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