I try to stay away from fast fashion as much as possible. I use the majority of my budget to by fewer, high quality pieces that won’t be out of vogue next year. However, sometimes you want to try something new or you don’t want to invest a bunch of money in something that is inevitably going to become damaged, like a white t-shirt or beachwear. If I’m going to be lathering on sunscreen, anything I put on will become stained and unwearable in a short amount of time.

I usually don’t peruse Mango, Zara, H&M, and the like, largely in an effort to avoid being tempted into a purchase. I’ve ordered a handful of times from those sites and have never been satisfied with the build or fabric quality. I end tying my money up in something I’m going to return anyway.

Nonetheless, I like what Mango has going on at the moment. They’re using a lot of natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and the styles scream summer getaway. I might find myself ordering a variety of items in the near future and reporting back on fit and fabric.

Half the battle is simply zeroing in on a few select pieces out of hundreds of options. Here are some of my favorites:








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