It is actively snowing here in Lexington, KY. I continue to wonder when spring is going to show up this year. Until then, let’s dream of pretty outfits.

My husband gifted me my first real handbag over Christmas. It’s a classic, brown leather bag that pairs nicely with just about everything. I also have a cheap, black cross-body that I quickly picked up before a trip abroad a couple of years back. Now that I can afford pieces that go beyond exclusively function, I wouldn’t mind a fun, summer bag.

As a result of my major bag investment a few short months ago, I’m reluctant to dump another load of money on a seasonal bag. Most of the above are well under $500. I hated the bucket bag trend for a while, but I’m warming up to it now that they’re coming out in smaller shapes. I still think they don’t function well as cross-body bags, so I wouldn’t buy one with the intent of carrying it all day.

There are hundreds of bags that would meet my criteria for this post. Another product linked me to Bloomingdales and that’s how I narrowed my search. I have a close eye on the Mansur Gavriel striped circle bag, but the price has held me off to this point. I’m also not convinced it’s versatile enough to justify the expense.

In case you’re curious, I pin a number of my spring favorites to this board. Thankfully, I pin a lot more than I buy!

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