Happy Monday! Spring is right around the corner, and it’s getting me excited to conquer the dozens of home projects we have on both houses. Here is an update from a month or so back:

Yes, that is drywall and FLOOR! I couldn’t believe how quickly they installed it, and man, did it make the house feel suddenly luxe. You can see in the photo above that our mini-splits are installed, the HVAC vents are gone, and all of those extraneous columns/vents have been removed. We’re moving some of the mahogany paneling around, and the wall opposite us in this photo will be fully covered in mahogany. It’s going to look SO GOOD.

Red oak is the more common variety in our region, but I knew I was willing to pay the upcharge for white oak. I originally wanted a wider plank, but the cost difference between 5 and 6 inches was so extreme that we settled. Love that continuous view into the kitchen. And all that light! I might actually feel like a human during the winter in this house as opposed to a salty, lethargic zombie.

Can’t get over how beautiful the structure of this house is. We really lucked out in finding it before work was completed. Finished, there is no way we could have afforded it.

The entryway is still in its original state. We’re replacing the stair treads, entry tile, sconce, door, and sidelight. We will refinish the mahogany as well. The painters weren’t exactly self-aware while working around it…

My pretty little kitchen, how I long for thee. We replaced the windows here because of their condition. The electrician did not pay enough attention to the plans… These wires are definitely not in the right place. The peninsula will end at the window. No upper cabinets to maintain that clear view.

Fireplace is 100% original and currently non-functioning, but we’ll be rectifying that. You can see the cutout for the new window on the uphill side of the house. All of these will be replaced.

And heading down to the lower level… Still undecided on what to do with the railing and the concrete block.

The office. Entry into the garage, new windows, floor has yet to be refinished. We’re going with bare concrete. Dear God, I can’t wait for a garage!

Hallway, with guest rooms on the left and bathroom/laundry on the right.

We had to add insulation all along the exterior block wall, which meant replacing the original tub. Replacing the tub also meant ripping up the original tile. Sad day. However, the tub was in irreparable condition, so it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Largest of the guest bedrooms.

Laundry/utility. Loving the retro glass block. We will finish this room ourselves to save $$.

And our master! New windows, new sliding doors which you cannot see, the fireplace is cut in which you also can’t see, and we’ll install Pax wardrobes along the opposite wall here.

There you have it! She is really starting to look like a house, at least on the inside. Lots more to go, and it never moves as quickly as we want it to, but the wait will be worth it. We’ll be meeting with our landscaper soon to begin planning the exterior renovation. Pumped.

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