We’re currently in Savannah and have been walking throughout the city non-stop. We far prefer exploring on foot to driving all over creation. Savannah is stunning, and you could spend days wandering around downtown. We did not come prepared with adequate footwear, however, and are paying the price.

I love ordering shoes from Nordstrom thanks to their no-hassle return policy. While I make a concerted effort not to abuse returns, it’s comforting to know that I can walk around the house and return a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit correctly or hold up as expected. Many retailers require that you only wear shoes on a soft surface. We don’t have any carpeted areas in the house, and walking back and forth on a 6″ length of rug doesn’t enable me to assess lasting comfort.

Below are a number of pairs of versatile shoes, some from a color standpoint and others from a comfort standpoint.

Flat || New Balance Sneaker || Sandal || Kitten Heel || Slide || Loafer || Heel Sandal || Nike Sneaker

We’re anxious to return to the coast once it’s warmer for further exploration and to enjoy the beach!

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