Happy Monday! If you haven’t noticed, Mondays are devoted to our Cincinnati mid-century project. We’ve introduced the project, given a little tour, and briefly discussed scope of work. Now, let’s talk about design vision.

There were three major design directions we considered for this house. Given our (relatively speaking) limited budget, we would need to make smart decisions, use affordable materials, and still accomplish our goal of making the home feel luxe. We weren’t sure how long the home would remain our primary residence, so it was important to us to appeal to a wide range of buyers should we want to sell short term.

Option 1: Dark and Moody. I love the black and white, dark and moody vibe. It’s very clean, simple, and timeless. At the end of the day, however, I was concerned I would long for a lighter feel, and this style didn’t fit into our budget. The herringbone pattern is expensive, as is the addition of wood and tiled walls to accomplish this level of depth.


Option 2: Mid-Century. Chris was a big fan of this one, I was less so. We attempted to salvage the original tile and all of the original paneling in the home to pursue this route, but a few mishaps resulted in having to scrap this angle. The addition of wood elements all over the house was racking up in cost as well.


Option 3: Clean Cabin. This has turned out to be the clear winner. It’s clean, modern, yet very warm and eclectic, all qualities we really enjoy in a home. As we’ve come to appreciate the amenities of living in a larger city, we are seeing ourselves in Cincinnati for the longterm. This design made the most sense for how we want to live. It has also turned out to be most cost effective, relying mostly on furnishings for detail. There are touches of raw wood throughout the house, but we didn’t go crazy adding paneling, full-tiled walls, or water’s edge countertops. Small details speak volumes and help to soften the look, but the bones of the house do most of the talking.


If you haven’t yet, follow along on Instagram for more frequent home updates and design decisions. We’ll be going over the budget for the project next week!

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