I don’t know about you, but post holidays, all I can think about is warmer weather. I get the traveling itch, I notice being impatient more often, I start yearning for spring fashion pictures, and I dream about the feeling of the sun against my skin. Maybe this post is too early, or maybe you’re also feeling the winter blues and are counting down the days until triple layers are no longer required.

I began to write this post as a spring fashion roundup to include all of the items I want in my closet for the warmer months. I quickly realized fitting such an exhaustive list into a single post would be overwhelming both on my end and to any potential consumer. I opted instead for a series that will assist me in walking through the necessary steps to curate my wardrobe yet leave me with plenty of options for any situation spring might throw at me. We have business projects stacking up and intend to find the time to escape on a couple of occasions, so I’m making the time now to prepare.

Below are the top five outfits that I believe can take me anywhere I want to go with the help of my winter closet staples (to be covered separately). I’m most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but I also appreciate the confidence boost from throwing on a wear-anywhere dress or the perfect, feminine midi skirt.

While these items seem like pieces any respectable adult would already have in their closet, I actually hardly own any of them. I love the variety you can create by shifting pieces around. There isn’t a single piece that doesn’t fit with another. Every outfit is classic and timeless, something you can feel good in whether you’re 18 or 68. And most of these are under $100!

Outfit 1: (top, denim)
I think black denim is a bit harsh for spring and summer, but I love this lightly faded pair. A long sleeve striped tee is limitless.

Outfit 2: (dress)
I’ve been watching this dress for years. I’ve never worn LoveShackFancy, but this might be my first purchase.

Outfit 3: (top, skirt)
I am perpetually on the hunt for simple, cotton midi skirts. Antik Batik is another new brand to me, and I love a lot of what they make. I actually own this tee from Everlane and can vouch for its quality for the price.

Outfit 4: (top, trousers)
Yeah, I have a list I’m racking up for an Everlane haul. This top looks perfect. These trousers are a recent addition and they are amazing. I bought them on sale for $80 and consider them a steal.

Outfit 5: (top, denim)
I honestly can’t decide which color to order of this top. It’s more feminine than I would ordinarily consider, but I’m anxious to try it. I tried these Everlane jeans in the crop and didn’t like them, but will probably reorder in the regular length of which I have a darker pair and wear them all the time.

Accessories: (black sandal, nude sandal, basket bag, nude bag, sunglasses, sun hat)
The black sandals have been in my cart for months. I love shoes I can wear all day. I’m not a fan of heels, but these Mansur Gavriel ones look versatile enough to pull the trigger on. Hoping I can find a cheaper pair to test out before I take the plunge. The two bags are outrageously simple, small, and adorable yet simultaneously grownup. I’ve seen Quay on dozens of other people as well as Lack of Color, and at the price I’m thinking these need to be seen on me too.







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