We’re heading on a little southeastern road trip next week, so my goal is to empty the fridge as best we can before we leave. Most of our recipes last two to three nights as a result of all of the vegetables I tend to add. I think three recipes should get us through the week. There’s always eggs and toast if we run out of leftovers!

Sunday and Monday

Chickpea Tikka Masala
I added a bunch of vegetables for volume, plus some turmeric and cinnamon.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Meatless Meat Balls
This is a recipe for meatball subs, but I’m going to try throwing these into spaghetti. Zucchini noodles for me.

Brussel Sprouts with Walnuts
I always have to have some kind of vegetable side.

Thursday and Friday

Chicken Parmesan Soup
Okay, so instead of the parmesan and basil, I whip up some vegan pesto and use that to season the soup. So delicious. Also, you guessed it… I double up on the vegetables. Cauliflower, bell pepper, zucchini, mushroom.


Loaded Sweet Potatoes
No cheese for me.

Black Bean Brownies
I’m not telling my husband before he tries them that there are beans in them…

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