Hey there, world! I’m really excited to be taking this first step with Perpetual Projecting. You can read a bit more about the people behind the brand on our About page, so I won’t bore you with those details all over again.

Here are the basics: Perpetual Projecting is owned and operated by Chris and Nicole, a couple in their 30’s who operate a chain of climbing gyms in the midwest and remodel homes in their spare time. We love to build, design, remodel, serve, grow communities, teach, eat, workout, climb, wear clothes, go places, do cool stuff, see cool things, and generally live a lot of life. It’s just us and our business babies for now, which keep our hands feeling very full.
Chris and I have been craving a more forgiving creative outlet for quite some time. We love working within the constraints of the service industry which pose interesting, engaging challenges. However, the ability to REALLY explore, to get out there and get after it and not worry who you offend, isn’t available to us through our brick and mortar businesses. We have real and concrete targets we’re trying to hit and needs we must meet to stay afloat. It can be exceptionally rewarding, intensely draining, and both simultaneously. We love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.
For the sake of preserving that sense of newness and uncertainty, we’re not going to impose any labels or restrictions on Perpetual Projecting. It’ll be very much a lifestyle blog of sorts, but will vacillate continuously based on our moods and present challenges. You’ll read about everything from remodeling to commercial design to relationships to business to food and more. There are so many things we want to learn more about, and Perpetual Projecting will serve as a memoir of our feats and failures.
At the present moment, we are in the middle of a business expansion, two home remodels, a side business focused on recruiting women into the climbing industry, developing PP, and countless other mini projects that go along with those mentioned. We will gradually be introducing our readers to each project over time.
First up will be our Cincinnati remodel money pit….


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